Men’s Camo Hair Color (no haircut) – $55

Hair by Joey offers top-in-class service in hair color Prescott. Joey, owner and experienced men’s stylist in barbershop Prescott works to turn heads with the popular and sexy camo hair color for men. Camo color is a semi-permanent gray blending color treatment that will get you noticed. All of a sudden you get first-in-line treatment, special privileges, that promotion you’ve always wanted, you’ve earned the respect of your co-workers, your wife is giving you more attention, your kids ask “is that my dad?” is it the hair color or the newly gained confidence?

You’ll feel like a new man with an elevated sense of self, which does get noticed! Upgrade your style with expert hair stylist in Prescott. Joey takes care of his clients with the most exquisite barber experience in Prescott – really, you won’t believe you’re still in your hometown!

Men’s Camo Hair Color & Hair Cut – $$75

Take it up a notch with Hair by Joey, camo color combined with a cut to get the freshest styling treatment. Hair by Joey is an experience like no other in Prescott salon services for men. Joey is an expert in men’s hair styling and men’s hair color. There’s nothing like a cleaned-up fella ready to take on the world with a hop in his step. Get the ultimate barbershop Prescott treatment with all the frills of a big-city men’s private salon.

You deserve to feel and look like a million bucks. Step into the salon, rest in the chair and let Joey work his magic to transform dull to youthful confidence. Upgrade your style with expert hair stylist in Prescott.

Guylights – $75

Give your style an edge with smooth transitioned highlights that naturally blend in to take your hair style and look up a score. Nothing drastic or over the top, but a nice enhancement to your contour. Hair by Joey is the up and coming prestige men’s hair salon Prescott has to offer.

Styles come and go, keeping up with the trends keeps you in the young and hip clique. Or just on top of your game with a refresh to your everyday look. Expert hair color Prescott is what Joey offers in his high-end salon, tailored to give his clients the best treatment in the town. Coming from big-city experience, Joey caters to pampering men giving the ultimate private salon experience nowhere else found in Prescott. Step it up and refresh the dull locks with a new look. Trust Joey’s talent as an experienced men’s stylist to give you a look you’ll love and feel good about.