Read for yourself the transforming experience that men can only get at the upscale, just for men private salon in Prescott. Hair by Joey goes above and beyond, from a hard-working family man to another, Joey’s clients receive the ultimate in men’s grooming experience. Take a breather from the real world to get rejuvenated with Joey’s unique offerings, treatment and services. The reviews rave of high-end level of service Joey offers. What you waiting for? Call Joey directly to schedule you’re an appointment reinvigoration that you so deserve. Joey caters to your needs as your preferred men’s stylist in Prescott.

“Joey is a great barber! I have been in the business in the past and have owned a salon so believe me when I tell you Joey is doing it right. He will listen to what you want and even takes notes! How many times have you been to a barber and tell them what you want and you end up getting the same haircut everyone else gets! That won’t happen with Joey.”

– Brad Cooper

“What an Amazing experience! My son had his first ever cut by a Barber and my husband’s beard looks better than it ever has before! Joey takes care of you from the moment you step into his barbershop and the amenities are impressive!

We’ve found our long term Barber in Prescott and the boys don’t have to go to the hair salon any longer.”

– Sierra Novack

“Joey has been doing my hair for quite a while. He got his new place and when the time came to get my hair cut, I went to his new place. I walk in and I’m instantly amazed. The decor is amazing. Great service and an overall amazing experience and great haircut! Definitely coming back.”

– Weston Yadron

“In a relaxing, spa-like environment, Joey executed the perfect haircut. He listened to my (wife’s) concerns and created an entirely new cut that I am extremely pleased with. His coffee is also top notch! I look forward to our next visit.”

– Matt Chase

“Great experience. As soon as I walked in Joey inquired whether I needed anything like water or coffee. The vibe is very chill and relaxing. The haircut was also one of the best I’ve ever had. He knows exactly what you want and also gives suggestions to have it come out in the best way it can. If you’re looking for a high-end haircut look no further than Hair by Joey.”

– Braxton Kendall

“I followed Joey from his last place to his new business. In all the years I’ve lived in Prescott Joey has been my barber. He’s funny, patient, does a great job and always professional. And even when I’m meticulous about how I want my hair, Joey makes it happen. I highly recommend Hair by Joey.”

– Rick Diehl

“My son has been going to his same barber for all fourteen years of his life (he was born with a ton of hair). Well, his barber retired. Then, we found Joey. He is truly a perfectionist and a Godsend to our family. My son is now close to fifteen years old and he’s reached the stage where his haircut and style are important to him. Thank you Joey for providing five star service with a smile every time. The bonus for me is the luxurious spa massage chair while I wait.”

– Sandra Reyes

“Followed Joey from my short time at John Hancock to his new location he started out on his own. So happy to have stuck with him. Joey provides an EXCELLENT service. He will be my barber as long as I live in Prescott, AZ. Consistency is something this town tends to lack, but I’m glad to say I’ve found it here! Also, take a seat in the massage chair for a minute. You won’t be disappointed!”

– Shane Cody