Fall 2011 welcomed wedded bliss for Joey and his beautiful wife, Jess, married in Joey’s home city of Seattle. When 2015 rolled around the couple were ready to venture out of the metropolis in search of a change of pace and lifestyle that offered more warmth and sunshine. The new family was in search for a close-knit community feel that would make for a perfect setting to open a men’s stylist hair studio in a second location.

Plans were made to scout out Bend, OR, Austin, TX, Santa Fe, NM and Flagstaff AZ, which seemed to fit the bill, and a multi-week road trip was planned for early 2016.  

In November 2015, Joey reached out to a close friend he had met at church, Grant Quezada. Grant, a hair stylist and army ranger, had lived in Seattle but moved back to his hometown of Prescott, AZ where he opened the John Hancock Barbershop.

Reconnecting with his friend, Joey felt calling to take a closer look at Prescott. He showed pictures of the town to Jess, researched weather trends and the climate…and the wheels were in motion to head to “everybody’s hometown” Prescott.

Arriving in town, Joey went to work at his friend’s barbershop in February 2016. In April that year, Joey and Jess bought their dream house in West Prescott. And just like that, it was final, Prescott was made their new home. Life quickly progressed and the couple adopted a sibling group of three children, Amiera 10, Isaiah 8 and Emrys 3 in July of 2017. September 2018 couple welcomed their own bio baby boy, Jasiri to the family.

Joey feels immensely blessed for the years working with Prescott barber friend, Grant and the team at the John Hancock Barbershop, now expanding to Founding Fathers. This experience allowed Joey to focus exclusively on men’s grooming in Prescott and the opportunity to do thousands of haircuts while getting to know the people in town.

2019 marks the reality Joey’s vision of opening his own private salon in Prescott to carry on his big city Seattle legacy in the south.

Hair by Joey is now up and running and accepting new clients. Joey has designed the studio to appease the working man, working hard for the family, or working hard in retirement. Joey knows that Prescott is the place to be, just as he and Jess were drawn here, he knows an influx of other newcomers are already here or are on their way. Joey is excited to bring the big city to little Prescott, as many others venture to town to downsize, Joey thrives to keep a little of the big in Prescott.

Joey and Jess have settled into Prescott for the long haul, falling in love with the people, the climate, the landscape and lifestyle.

You are invited in to experience a taste of high-end decadence in men’s grooming at his not-so-typical barbershop Prescott.