What is a Private Hair Studio?

You’re busy every minute of your life moving and getting things done. Your work. Your family. You. Getting your hair done shouldn’t be one more stressful thing on your list. The private hair studio is designed for you to kick your feet up, relax, and downshift. No distractions and no stress. Just amazing hair.

Hair By Joey Studio is an environment that has been designed from the ground up with one thing in mind… your comfort. The colors, the lighting, the scents and the music come together to create a truly unique experience of relaxation and tranquility. Influenced by the best of Eastern Spas infused with a touch of glamour, Hair by Joey is a place you can truly relax and recharge.

Our Philosophy

Since 1994, Joey has been doing Seattle hair. Born and raised in the Roosevelt neighborhood Joey’s been a Seattle guy his whole life. From day one as a stylist, he sought to understand the Northwest client. The person who wants to look stylish without looking fake, the person who wants to look youthful without looking like they’re trying too hard, the person who wants hair that more or less works… right out of the shower (rain or no rain). The salon he went on to create “Hair By Joey” is about substance and nuance not about trendy, not about hype. We are not L.A. we are not New York…heck, we’re not even Bellevue. We’re Seattle…And we love it that way.



V76 blows our minds and rocks our world. Taking men’s grooming beyond American Crew our favorite men’s line delivers consistent, long lasting results with products designed to be intuitive and timeless. High quality components, high performance results. They go in easy, smell great and rinse clean. V76 is simply the best men’s line available for the guy who cares about his hair.
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We love Loma because they are a competitively priced, local company that uses organic ingredients. All of us being good Seattle natives we wanted to keep it local and simple. Based out of Monroe Washington, Loma has been creating amazing hair care products since 1991 and like our men’s line Vaughn, Loma is sourced 100% in the US and still a small company not owned by the big beauty names.

Deva Curl

For our large and ever increasing curly clientele, we have added Deva Curl to our high end hair care products. Designed for the specific needs of curly hair, Deva helps us create beautiful, bouncy, luxury looks for anyone who rocks the waves!