From time to time over the years we’ve had clients ask us if there’s a way to tailor service prices to their personal needs at the Hair by Joey Studio. We want everyone to be able to afford top quality cuts and colors so to accommodate these requests we’ve developed some creative and lower cost options that get clients in and out of the salon quickly at a 30% discount from our regular pricing.  While a little unorthodox, we’ve seen an amazing response to these unique service offerings and have found that for many return clients they make the difference between maintaining their look and having to let it go.


Express cuts are about getting you in an out with a quick trim on a great haircut that’s already been established.  New and existing clients are both eligible for express cuts. For an express cut, your stylist will either cut your hair dry and style it for you or give you a soothing shampoo and scalp massage, cut your hair wet and send you home to style your hair yourself.  Both are great options with dry cuts generally being better if you have straight or wavy hair and wet cuts being better for the curly girl.  Just let your stylist know your preference when you sit down.

20-30 minutes

Express Colors are only an option for existing clients who have already established their color during a previous HBJ visit and are looking for a low cost way to maintain it.   With an express , you get the same great color and/or highlight application in the studio. This service is completed after the color or foil application; you then go directly home to remove the foils, wash the color out and self style.  In most cases, (if you so desire) there is time to ad an express dry cut prior to color application (just let your stylist know) no need to book a separate “express cut” service.

30-60 minutes
Please be honest with yourself before booking an express.  Express services are great but they’re not ideal for every situation. Express cuts are great for maintenance, not so great for change.  If you’re just wanting to save money but know you’re looking for a very detailed, highly nuanced, precision cut, or you’re changing your existing cut do us all a favor and book a regular haircut.  You and your stylist will both be much happier.  If you have a complex color, a big color change or a major “new look” makeover in mind, an express service wouldn’t be the best option for you. If you just need a trim, a re-touch, or a less dramatic change and are looking for a less expensive way to maintain a great hairstyle, (or if you just like to get in and out of the salon quickly) this menu of services could be a great fit for you! Should you decide to book an Express Service, please be sure to mention it if you schedule over the phone as timing will vary for appointment times.

Booking Tips: Express is a great choice for Curly Girls!  Megan, our curl specialist prefers express Curlies to come in with their hair down, dry and styled the way they like to wear it.  This allows her to cut the hair to it’s to its natural shape.

To book your express services, give us a call at 206.228.5639 or book on our website.