Hair by Joey Stylists

Just moved to Seattle and needed a new hairstyle so I looked to Yelp to help me find a hair salon. I’m so glad I chose to go to this place because it went way beyond my expectations. The salon is part of a house converted into a hair studio. It’s super cozy and very zen feeling. My hairstylist, Megan, was super knowledgeable when it came to hair products and hairstyles in general. After listening to me on what I want/need out of my hairstyle, she gave me the perfect haircut. I love it! I highly recommend this place.

Hair by Joey is doing something for men in this very relaxing and inviting salon with fireplace and awesome high-end massage chair that has been missing for us guys for too long! Joey’s an incredibly talented, intelligent and visionary person and offers much more than an awesome hair experience. I encourage other guys to go check out his hip space and have a french press coffee or cold NW brew on him…take some time and “spoil yourself” a little…most of us guys work our butts off so we deserve it!~I’ve been a few times now and am bringing my 19-yr old son there for a consult cut next Wednesday.Really, Joey, thanks so much.

-Scott U

Awesome! The space is lovely, so private and relaxing. A quiet
neighborhood spot with no parking problem, no crowds, no mall noise.
Definitely a spa-style experience.The haircut is great, Megan really
listened to me and was able to figure out what I wanted, even though I
didn’t even know myself. She let me know about choices and options I
wasn’t aware of– so generous with ideas and information. My haircut
feels great, meets all of my expectations and more. Happily recommend
Hair by Joey to any and all friends seeking a positive, friendly, warm,
zero-pressure, hair salon. Going there is like visiting a good friend–
who happens to know my hair better than I do!

-Gail L.

I was a little concerned paying so much for a haircut, especially for a male. I was used to the traditional high and tight, a workhorse of a haircut for me. But for the last 2 months, I started to grow my hair out just because I wanted to know what kind of hairstyle I could do. After my 2 months of cave-man like hair, I setup an appointment with Joey. He is awesome! His clientele was mostly female, but he is a totally a person whom you can “bro” out with :P. While he still cuts women hair, by far he was the best male hair stylist I’ve ever had. Go see this man!

-Paul Youm

I was visiting Seattle last year, my fiance needed to get a hair style before our friends wedding. We found hair by Joey online made an appointment and were amazed at the work he did. Thank Joey

Courtney did a really good job on my hair! i wanted fine cool toned
highlights, and she did exactly the way i wanted. also, i think the
products they use there have very good quality, cause my hair didnt look
or feel dry after highlighting. besides that fact that my hair turned
out great, everybody at the salon was very nice to me.

-Gabby R.

Joey is hands down the best man hair stylist in Seattle. I have never had a better experience with another barber. He knows how to cut a guy’s hair well,
especially Asian guys. I’ve had couple of haircuts here already, never disappoints.

Megan is the best!!!! She has been my only
stylist for years. She is the person that I have found that can cut my
natural curly hair without making me look like a pyramid. She is also
awesome at foiling. She truly makes getting your service a true spa
experience. Thank you Megan for being awesome!!!!

-Katie K.

From the moment you enter the private studio you will feel comfortable and relaxed. He has a variety of tea and drinks on offer as well as a full body massage chair, which my girlfriend thought was amazing. He will ask what kind of cut you want and at the same time also make great suggestions about styling. He wastes no time, gets right to the cutting. Within 20 minutes you will get a perfect haircut. Price is very resonable and a piece of chocolate at the end never hurts.

He is simply the best.

This place is great. I was a little hesitant at first since I’m a guy
and I’ve only gone to Supercuts and the like my entire life. But I’ve
been going to Joey’s for almost 6 months now and I’ve always been
pleased with the experience and results. The studio has a great vibe
and Joey seems genuinely interested in making sure that you’re pleased
with your hair. I would recommend this place to anyone looking for a
great haircut.


This place was so great! I had been wanting to cut my hair short and I’m so glad I came here to get it cut! Both of the stylists were friendly and upbeat! I loved the intimacy of the salon as well! Awesome place!

-Natalie H.

Joey had raised the bar for me in what to expect when I get my hair cut.
Great conversation, amazing service. He even fixed my girlfriends hair
that had been cut by a big name salon the day before, but not to her
liking. He had her sit down before we left and did exactly what she
wanted. We both left very happy new customers. Can’t wait to be back!

-Jared A.

I went to Joey’s after reading many positive reviews online. I made an
appointment via his website, which was incredibly easy. Being a male, I
have rarely gone to salons in the past. I walked in with shaggy hair,
and within 30 minutes had a medium-length styled cut. Joey was very
respectful of achieving the length and style I was aiming for, and gave
me some great advice. My favorite thing about this salon is not having
to play roulette with barbers.. you know that Joey will be cutting your
hair. The only con would be the price, which is pretty reasonable
compared to other salons. I definitely recommend this place, and I’m
really picky.

-Jacob S.

The test of any haircut, in my book, is how it dries when I can’t blow dry it. Yesterday I went swimming and was so pleased that it dried beautifully! The cut and color are great – I’m really, really happy with my experience at Hair By Joey. Thank you, thank you! And the massage chair I sat in while my color set was heavenly – the best massage chair I’ve ever used. Great service, great conversation, and they sent me on my way with chocolates. What more could you ask for?

-Joanne L.