Wavy Hair In Seattle Weather

Do you have a wavy hair type? Learning to manage wavy hair can make life much easier for those who are consistently fighting with their hair type. There are some great ways to win the fight by incorporating a few simple steps into your hair care routine.

If you’re a wavy-haired individual, you might be familiar with that old friend (or perhaps foe might be a better word) known as frizz. Frizzy hair often manifests itself in the form of out-of-control, fluffy strands that, when exposed to heat and humidity, take on a life of their own. Never mind the fact that you’ve tamed it to within an inch of its life and added enough product to style your hair for a year – the frustrating-but-true fact is that wavy hair usually doesn’t stand a chance when confronted by humidity. As a 16 year Seattle hair stylist, I know humidity. I see how it impacts every style I work with. Curly hair can just be styled with a good cream and a flat iron or brush can usually handle straight hair but wavy… it’s tough… it won’t just dry naturally into nice curls and tends to fall apart quickly in the humidity when you try to blow it out and go straight.

Here’s the good news: Your hair doesn’t have to fall victim to the weather’s harsh effects. With a little effort and the right know how you’re hair can start looking better tomorrow! Consider these helpful tips:

  • Moisture is key to the success of managing your wavy hair. If your hair is dry, you’ll benefit from a shampoo and conditioner that are rich in natural humectants (substances that promote the retention of moisture in your hair or skin). Don’t be afraid to ask your hair stylist which would work best for you, and keep in mind that soy protein in the conditioner will make a big positive difference.
  • Oils are outstanding emollients that leave your hair in smooth, supple condition. Work a teaspoon or two of nourishing oil, such as olive oil (your typical grocery store version will work), into your hair and pull your hair gently back into a loose bun. Let it soak in overnight before washing it out the next morning. The oil is excellent for fighting frizz and controlling static.

One of the biggest advantages to wavy hair is its ability to look full of life, bouncy and stylish when treated well.

For the best look, towel-dry your hair after washing it. Run a volumizing mousse or creme through your hair. Comb gently through as needed to ensure that the product is distributed evenly. Scrunch your hair gently with your hands, essentially squeezing the hair towards the scalp with a “crunch” of your fingers. Then, blow dry your hair (after using a good heat protection spray) with a diffuser attachment to achieve frizz-free waves. Once you’re into the blow dry, do not run your fingers through your hair! This will create frizz.

Lastly, keep in mind the right cut can make all the difference. Make sure your Seattle hair stylist knows your hair type. Whether you prefer short, medium or long hair, nicely shaped layers can get you away from that frizzy triangle head look by simply removing the weight that is pulling all of your beautiful wave out.

With the proper cut, care and styling techniques, even in rain land you can easily discover how to manage wavy hair without intense treatments or damage to your fantastic hair type.

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