Ready To Go From Long to Short Hair For Spring?

Going from long to short hair can be a big decision. If you’ve decided to go for a shorter hair cut for spring and summer, you’ll want to be prepared with a few good ideas when you visit your Seattle hair stylist. Having some great photos helps, as you’ll feel greatly involved in the process of change rather than just leaving your hair at the complete mercy of your stylist.

The consultation is going to be very important. Your hair stylist will take a lot into consideration for your change; they will consider your facial structure, your nose, jaw line and cheekbones. Based on which features you would like to enhance and which you would like to make secondary, your hair stylist will make recommendations to your preferences. This is telling of how effective long to mid-length or short hair makeovers can be; they change more than just your hair style. They can give your entire look a boost, make your face look more open and vibrant while highlighting your best assets.

What Is Your Face Type & Shape?
Here are some ideas for your pre-consultation planning. Consider what your final goals are for a tailored style that best fits your features.

  • Square faces are softened with graduated layers, choppy ends, soft curls and a full crown of styled hair.
  • Heart-shaped faces look great with layered bobs that flip outward at chin level. Side parts, wispy bangs and styled volume also work well with this face shape.
  • Rectangular faces look great with fullness around the sides, and avoid going below shoulder-length, as it elongates the face even more. A chin-length bob with bangs will help the face look fuller.
  • Triangular face shapes may benefit from a tapered style that will draw attention away from a dominant jaw line. Off-center parting is a great way to accent this cut and shape.
  • Round faces look ideal with height at the crown to slim and soften the face. Avoid extremely short, cropped cuts and opt for some face-framing layers on a chin-length hair cut.
  • Diamond shapes will do great with short hair. Layered styles that sit just above the neck look fabulous, as well as angled bangs to soften wide cheekbones.
  • Oval faces can look great with just about any style; layers will help draw attention to your best features.

A Few More Considerations Before You Take The Plunge
Don’t forget that a hair cut is somewhat of a commitment. Ask yourself some questions before making your final decision.

  1. How attached am I to my long hair? Make sure you are ready; if you’re not quite sure you want to go shorter it may be best to wait until your next appointment to discuss further or make a solid decision. Some people just feel best with long hair.
  2. Does long hair offer you options that you are not ready to abandon? Consider your dressy up-do, the high long ponytail or any other style offerings that your new hair cut may not give you.
  3. Shorter hair can work well on a variety of face shapes and types, and some people may just look best with longer hair. The advice from your hair stylist will help you in your determination.
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