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We want Hair By Joey to be your go-to salon for long-standing, trusted, regular service, but we also want to be the ones you call when you want to try something completely new! The best thing about having a stylist who understands both your hair and your comfort zone is that they’re the most able to help you experiment with both!

Our stylists at Hair By Joey are not only carefully trained in the techniques of classic cut and color, but also comfortable working on the contemporary edge. We love mastering new trends, and you can count on us to help you chase down your styling dream with finesse. Here are three of the most popular recent hair trends for examples of what Hair By Joey has to offer!


Ombre has exploded in popularity in the last several years. Traditionally conceptualized as bleached tips gradually fading to naturally-colored roots, ombre can be any gradient shade of one color to another. It was first popularized by supermodel Gisele Bündchen when she walked a 2007 runway with her dark brown roots fading to light blonde ends. Since Gisele, people have found lots of ways to reinvent the ombre, such as fading from light to dark—the “reverse ombre”—or applying only a subtle ombre fringe to short or chestnut hair. It’s a great low-maintenance look for Pacific Northwest women because you don’t have to worry about your roots growing out, and it looks best tousled or messy! Our stylists would love to help you get the look everyone’s been talking about.

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Balayage is often confused with ombre, but they are actually quite different. While ombre is a gradual color change from root to tip (sometimes stark and sometimes subtle) balayage is a highlighting technique administered to sections that run the whole length of the hair. It’s applied with horizontal “sweeps” of color that create the effect of natural sun-kissed highlights, almost like the variation in a child’s hair. Also originating on the runway, bayalage adds bright new dimensions to blonde hair under the spotlights, but you can also use it to create depth in brown hair or add auburn tones to a brunette head. Balayage usually involves less bleaching than ombre, making it healthier for your hair, and if your hair is very straight, the color change variation will look less blunt. The end of summer is the perfect time to fake a few highlights—call us at Hair By Joey to get the look!

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The last few years have also seen a renaissance of high-impact color. Bright rainbow highlights, dyed tips, dreamy pastel pinks, and “sea punk” aquas have been covering the pages of fashion magazine and Pinterest pages, and has a lot of people curious about adding a little color of their own! This kind of color isn’t easy to achieve at home. For a vibrant shade, hair almost always needs to be bleached first, and you’ll need to get down to platinum before you can achieve one of those icy pastels—a potentially damaging process in amateur hands, and re-dying the roots properly is almost impossible without professional help. Our stylists are carefully trained in high impact color, and if there’s something you want to try, set an appointment at Hair By Joey!

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Of course, if you’re considering one of these cutting edge color techniques, a word of caution!  Don’t even think about booking this kind of thing last minute with a rookie stylist.  To find out why, read the story of Last Minute Lucy… or visit some other salon at the last minute!

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