Get Back to Your Roots!

One of our specialties here at Hair By Joey is helping women (and men!) return to their natural hair color, sometimes after many years of coloring. If you’re ready to get back to your roots and embrace your true colors, we can help

Back to Nature

Are you a blonde who’s been pretending to be a redhead for twenty years? Have you been dying your light hair dark for a dramatic effect, or maybe lightening your chestnut tresses for something breezy and youthful? No matter where you started and where you’ve gone, Hair By Joey can help you get back to your natural color!

The key is taking your time. Dying hair back to its natural color gradually will not only help you and those in your life get used to the transition, but it will preserve the health of your hair and prevent breakage. Though many women choose to get a dramatic haircut to help them start over, that’s really not necessary with today’s stylist technology. Come in and talk to us about your timeline and options!

Help Going Back to Gray

As we’ve noted before on our site, silver is a color you can’t buy in a bottle, and though many women feel their gray hairs are aging them, we feel gray hair is something extraordinarily special women are lucky to grow into! If your gray—or as we prefer to call it, silver—hair is aging you, it’s probably because you’re not caring for it correctly.

Use purple toners and deep conditioners to keep your strands from looking yellow or wiry, and consider getting your hair professionally glossed at a salon. (At Hair By Joey, we recommend an Opalex treatment for brittle hair even without color!) Add vitamins B6, B12, and a high-quality fish oil to your diet, try to avoid too much direct sunlight, and use a lightweight styling product!

Most importantly, if you want to try going all natural and letting that silver shine, get a stylist who understands! At Hair By Joey, we’re proud to help many women learn to appreciate, nurture, and show off their silver!

Book an appointment with us today to talk about getting back to those roots of yours.



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