Foil Your Way to Dimensional, Glimmering Hair

Beautiful highlights and vibrant, dimensional hair doesn’t have to mean spending hours in the sunshine or hitting the genetic jackpot. One classic technique of hair coloring is using sheets of foil to select strands of hair, apply color or bleach, and selectively create your ideal blend of color.

Highlighting is probably the most requested coloring service, and with good reason–nothing instantly improves the look of a head of hair as quickly as a little color variation. You can use bold, distinct streaks to create a dimensional effect or small, integrated, and subtle highlights for a natural, sun-kissed look.

Our stylists at Hair By Joey are experts at foiling, and will always begin your service with a consultation to ensure you’re going to be getting exactly what you’re imagining. Take a look at some of these photos from our foiling expert Courtney to get an idea of the possibilities:

Low Maintenance

One of the reasons foiling is so popular is that it’s one of the easiest coloring procedures to maintain. Because the highlights are integrated, they’ll continue to blend in as your hair grows out, and only require touch-ups about every 10-12 weeks. All-over coloring requires root work every 4-6 weeks, and causes much more damage the hair over time.

foildHigh Impact

For a service that lasts a long time and doesn’t take too long to do, you’d be surprised what a difference foiling can make and also how versatile it is. Most people think of foiling as a just going blonder, but it can also be used for seasonal changes. You can add highlighting streaks in the summer, reds in the fall, or chestnuts in winter. Foiling can also be used to create “lowlights,” which add darker tones to the hair to create more depth.

If you’re interested in our foiling and highlighting services, call us at Hair By Joey! You’ll be in the most capable hands in Seattle, and we guarantee you’ll walk out feeling like a million bucks.

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