Here at hair by Joey, we have one focus.  Deliver the best possible hair results with every client, every time.  We’re not trying to be the biggest salon.  We’re not wanting the top billing and the biggest name.  We’re not trying to be on the bleeding edge of fashion.  We don’t need to be the fastest salon.  We don’t need to hard sell a bunch of shampoo to keep the doors open.  We just want to send our guests back out into the world with hair that works, hair that’s easy, hair that looks fantastic….hair they love every time!

It’s a lofty goal and one we achieve the vast majority of the time.  But after 25 years cutting hair and now managing my salon I know that you can never make all the people happy all of the time… no matter how hard you try or how much you care.

So what do we do when it doesn’t happen?  What do we do if for whatever reason, (miscommunication, extremely damaged or challenging hair or a stylist just having an off day as everyone does for time to time in life) the end result isn’t what you were hoping for.  The answer to this question is (I believe) the number one reason Hair By Joey has remained one of Seattle’s top hair salons for over 15 years.

We make it right. 

Our first approach will always be to see if there is a way to adjust a cut or color that isn’t preforming.  So often, that’s all it takes.  So simple.  A snip here and there, a half a shade darker or a few more foils right in the front and BAM!!!… You are loving the way you look!  Other adjustments are more complex but the goal is the same…we’re determined to get you the look you want….no charge, no attitude.   Every Hair by Joey client knows from the get go that we’re open to feedback, that touch ups are always free and that the occasional need for a tweak, even with long time satisfied guests are to be expected.  Every client receives an email from me personally within days of their service asking for feedback and inviting them to get in touch if things aren’t perfect.  When on occasion a guest does reach out with some feedback I give them my personal phone number and stay in touch until things are resolved to their satisfaction.

If we can’t make you happy there is always one final step we take… we give you all your money back with no questions asked.  No drama.  No hard feelings.  It happens rarely, but when it does I’m always reminded that the world would be a better place if every merchant took the same approach.  It fosters trust.  It underlines respect.  It shows love and it’s just the right thing to do.

I learned early on in this world that the benefits of treating everybody with maximum integrity, with maximum love and maximum empathy leads to a life of peace and organically builds successful businesses.   When Jess and I put together our team of stylists, a shared commitment to this philosophy was our number one criteria.  A year and a half into my switch over from stylist to owner we couldn’t be happier with our choices.

If you’re looking for a place where you’ll be treated with individualized care and attention, an environment where pampering, listening and building up are the order of the day, if you’re wanting to find a stylist who is not only the best in the business but who is a genuinely caring person of tremendous integrity.  Look no further.  You’ve found your salon.
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