Brows Matter

I’ve said for years that your hair matters more than ANY OTHER FASHION ACCESSORY you can invest in.  Your hair is the hat you wear every day and if it looks stupid, frumpy, off color…. so do you.

Well, if your hair is the hat, your brows dear reader are the glasses.  The glasses you wear every day and like that wonderful hair on your head the hair above your eyes matters too.

The challenges of the brows (particularly as we age but often earlier in life) typically presents differently in men and women.

For men, it’s the classic ” Gandalf The Wizard” brows.  These are bushy, they’re crazy, they’re zany and the can poke your girl in the eye when you lean in for a kiss.  Luckily, the solution for Gandalf brows is quite simple.  When you get a hair cut gentlemen ask if your stylist would mind trimming your brows.  High end shops like Hair By Joey always include brow trims with the service but at budget shops or salons that don’t service a large male clientele, you just need to ask and most of the time even a rookie can get those pesky pokers to lay down better.

For ladies, sadly as with so many things it’s a bit more complex.  For women the big challenge is thinning brows.  Thin brows are a hassle.  If you do nothing, it can look like you have no eyebrows (especially if you have fine, lighter hair).  “No eye brows” plays tricks with the symmetry of your face making you feel like something is “off” but it’s hard to know what.  The no eyebrow look will cause your eyes to be overlooked while directing the viewer further down to your nose and chin.  Nothing wrong with that but your eyes can often be one of your best features… one you really want to bring out.

For most of recorded history options have been limited.  Women have either had to hassle with painting on brows which (even with the best makeup technique) just looks well… painted on.  Better than nothing but still not great and a regular daily hassle to boot.   The other ways that have become popular lately are “Eyebrow Threading” from India (Ouch!) and eyebrow tattooing… also ouch.   My mom got eyebrow tattoos five or six years ago.  I love my mama but now that she’s passed on I’m not going to hurt her feelings by saying they didn’t look that great.  They looked like… well…eyebrow tattoos.  Better than nothing and no more daily hassle but still not great and they cost a fortune.

For this reason, you can imagine my skepticism when one of our stylists approached us with an idea to bring a new semi permanent eyebrow solution to our Hair By Joey clients.  Our minds changed quickly though when Courtney started sending us before and after pics of the very latest in eye brow design… “Microblading”.

Microblading is pure art. It’s the most cutting edge way to sculpt perfect eyebrows.  The results are nothing short of astonishing.  This is a service that must be performed by an artist which is why we are lucky here at HBJ to have Courtney.  When Courtney isn’t cutting and coloring and doing the most creative and beautiful hair on the planet she’s painting.  An artist since childhood Courtney has an eye for detail, a delicate touch with a brush and true sense of symmetry and proportion.   For our Microblade guests, Courtney analyzes a client’s face like an artist would a scene she’s about to paint.  She figures out how a person’s brows looked when they looked their very best… and then sets out to make them even better.  I could go on but I won’t because as they say… “A picture is worth a thousand words”  and we have a ton of them for you to peruse here.

I’ll just finish with this.   I’m a detail guy.  I notice stuff.  That’s why I’ve been successful in this business for over twenty years.  These brows are to my eye INDISTINGUISHABLE from lush, well formed natural brows.  For a few hundred bucks and a couple of appointments you could have beautiful brows that look even better than they did when you were sixteen or seventeen and those brows will stay looking great for anywhere from eight months to three years with no touch ups, no makeup, no more money and no hassles.  Sound interesting?  To get started, email Courtney today at  Just put “Brows” in the subject heading and she’ll get in touch with you within 24 hours.  What are you waiting for?   This could be the most important beauty choice you ever make.

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