The Private Studio

Since 2006, Hair by Joey has been a private hair studio. One room, one stylist, one client. My first salon in Seattle was built out of my home but it was never a “doing hair in the basement” type deal. From the get go, I wanted to create the feeling of an upscale hotel, a place where guests feel like celebrities… soft lighting, beautiful music and textures… professionally intimate.

When I decided to bring my brand of upscale hair design to Prescott I went with the same design ascetic creating a space that feels luxurious, soothing an most of all private. Hair design is a personal thing. The chair is a place where stories are shared, where feelings flow and real conversations happen…. or they don’t.

That’s another great thing about a private hair studio. If you want quiet, we know how to do it. Unlike most salons that are electric with chatter and clatter… where you’re 3 feet away from 2 or 3 other conversations, Hair By Joey is a sanctuary of quiet where you’ll be able to enjoy a private chat or just listen to the sounds of fountains.

In these times more than ever people need a place where they can unplug and de-stress. When you visit our salon that’s what your getting… a private space that’s all about you. No noisy lobby, no distracted front desk person, no crowd… just one stylist, one guest… a uniquely relaxing experience. The amazing hair you’ll walk out with is almost beside the point.

If this sounds like you’re cup of tea… give us a call or book your own experience right here. You’ll never regret it.

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