About Tawney

Tawney White (a ten year veteran stylist) graduated from the prestigious Paul Mitchell school in LA in 2008. Upon graduation, she immediately went on to work as an assistant to some of the top stylists in town figuring the best way to reach her goals was to spend some time with true West Coast masters. Within a couple years, Tawney’s personal touch with clients and attention to detail quickly moved her into runway and high end photo work, building her reputation as a master of up dos and high fashion hair. Before long she landed a dream job to become a full time stylist at Panache in Westlake Village in the the heart of the city while continuing her education in Melrose. Driven to learn all she could Tawney never stopped educating herself on the latest developments in hair. Soon she was certified in not just beautifully blended color and highlights but Balayage, Hombre and edgier techniques like block and high impact vivid color. Six years ago, Intrigued by the blossoming eyelash enhancement industry Tawney decided to supplement her passion for hair with a side business crafting incredible lashes. After training at Borboleta Beauty and earning her certification at Lashbox LA Tawney launched her own boutique shop “Fearless Lashing” in Ventura LA. She does Classic, Volume and Mega Volume lashes to fit your taste and the results are just breathtaking. Since then Tawney has continued to perfect her craft… recently focusing on men’s grooming, curly girls and expert grey

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