Next Level hair design for men....

With one of Seattle's top stylists...

In your own private space....

Just 5 Minutes West of the Square....

...Hair By Joey Prescott

Hair By Joey
1569 West Gurley Prescott

What If…

What if… you could work exclusively with your own top level stylist …right here in west Prescott? A stylist who’s been helping men figure out their look for over 25 years?

What if… you had direct access to your stylist? No front desk people, no hassle? What if you could book with him directly by phone or jump online at 2 am and book your own service in less than a minute?

What if… getting your hair cut was one of the most relaxing things you did each month?

What if… for that half hour, you could just forget about all the weight you carry, all the things on your to do list and all the people you take care of and just relax, breathe and have someone focus on you?

What if it’s more than a haircut?

As men, we carry the world on our backs. We look out for our wives, our kids, our employers and our communities. We make sure everyone else is getting what they need. We go and we go and we go. And if we’re lucky, we love it! In that world, a haircut is just another hassle. Let’s face it… we’re never going to make it to the spa or the massage studio…. it’s just not gonna happen. If you’re this guy… Hair By Joey is designed with you in mind.. We figure you have to get a regular haircut so why not make THAT time your recharge time? Our one of a kind, Zen inspired, private hair studio provides a place for you to slow down. When you walk in the door, you begin to breathe a little slower. By the time you leave it’s not just your hair that’s been next leveled… its your whole outlook.

About Joey

Joey’s been cutting hair for two and a half decades. From the get go he’s had an eye and feel for design,…intuitively knowing which cut works well with this or that head shape or facial feature. In 2000 after working at a friends salon for a half a decade, Joey began renting space in a major Seattle salon going on to open his own private studio in NE Seattle in 2006. Competing in a huge market with many multi million dollar players Joey made a name for himself over the years… eventually becoming one of Seattle’s top stylists. He got there by focusing in on what matters….detail, personal connection and consistency in all aspects of the customer experience. In his Seattle years, Joey focused on longer styles for men (Think 1920’s, 30’s and 40’s classic looks… Mad Men, Great Gatsby etc…) as well as Asian hair. Since coming to Prescott he has added military styles, tight fades, tapers and modern sporty styles as well as flattering cuts for guys who’s hair isn’t as thick (or dark) as it used to be. The beautiful private hair studio Joey designed, with it’s intimate feel and one of a kind atmosphere is still running around the clock today. In 2015 Joey expanded his Seattle salon and handed the day to day management over to his stellar staff so he and his wife Jess could start a new life in the Southwest. Wanting to focus exclusively on men’s grooming,

Our Prescott Story

Jess I married in the Fall of 2011 in Seattle, the city I’d lived in my whole life. By the end of 2015, we were ready for a change of scene. The overcast, wet weather and the non stop gridlocked traffic were beginning to take their toll. Wanting to start our family in a place more conducive to a close, community oriented life, we began looking for a place to make that happen. Bend Oregon, Austin Texas, Santa Fe New Mexico and Flagstaff Arizona made the top four list so a multi week road trip was planned for early 2016 to explore our options. In November 2015, I decided to reach out to the one person I knew near any of those cities. I’d met Grant Quezada at church back in 2009 when Grant and his family had been living near Seattle. Grant (a Stylist and Army Ranger) had since moved back to his home town of Prescott to start the John Hancock Barbershop. The day I called, Grant had been driving to Phoenix we ended up talking for nearly two hours straight. Like long lost brothers, the connection was immediate and heart felt. At the end of that call, I texted Jess a few pictures of Prescott (and an overview of the general weather and climate statistics) and the new life was set in motion.

We rolled into town in our packed to the gills 4Runner February first 2016 and I started working at the John Hancock Barbershop (at that time located in a back alley behind Montezuma) two days later. By the end of April that year Jess and I had bought our dream home in West Prescott and the whole Southwest road trip had been cancelled. Since those early days, the dream of what Prescott could be has materialized into an incredible life…filled with friends, children and plenty of sunshine. The kid thing came together…. BIG TIME! We adopted a sibling group of three children (Amiera 10, Isaiah 8 and Emrys 3) in July of 2017 and we just celebrated the birth of our first bio baby (Jasiri) last September.

These years working with Grant, Jesse and the rest of the John Hancock team have been a huge blessing. Being able to focus exclusively on men’s grooming has allowed me to do thousands of haircuts while really get to know the people of Prescott and make dozens of life long friends. As John Hancock prepares to expand into Founding Fathers in 2019 ( the time seems right for me to step out into my own thing.

Our dream is to live and retire, to raise our kids and die one day right here in Prescott. We love this town…. the people, the landscape, the energy, the pace… it’s just right for us. I particularly love West Prescott and I have a dream to see this lesser known neighborhood at the base of the Butte evolve into a really cool, viable and vibrant community of its own in time. I only need 160 regulars to be as busy as I want to be. I’m half way there… I hope you’ll consider giving me an opportunity to show you how relaxing a haircut can be.