Women’s Hair Salon Services Prescott, AZ

Women’s Cuts

You’re frustrated, you’re feeling flat and frumpy. Your hair’s just not working anymore. You have some ideas, a bit of a vision but you need a stylist who gets you and gets your hair with all its quirks! A stylist that can help you find your look.  A look you love.  Our people do that!  Every day.  Click here to stop with the scrolling and wondering and get the cut that works for where you’re going!

Starting at $45 express, $55 full service
(includes wash and blowdry)

Hair Coloring

Does it need to be this hard?  You want your natural color enhanced.  You want seamless gray coverage.  You want something fun and punchy but no one seems to be able to nail it. You end up with brassy, flat or unflattering hair and it’s just exhausting.  You need a colorist who gets you and gets it right every time. That’s what we do.  Every day. Click here to stop with the scrolling and wondering and get the color that makes you shine!

All Over Colors Start at $75
Highlights Start at $135
Balayage Starts at $200
Corrective Color $100/per hour

Hair Straightening and Smoothing

You love the look of your styled hair… smooth, tamed and shiny. You hate all the work it takes to get it there. Our Brazilian Blowout, Keratin and Olaplex treatments can reduce those hassles by as much as 80%. Our texture technicians find the best treatment for your hair and remove the poof! Stop fighting your hair every day! Click here to book your free consultation!

Our Gallery

Express Services

If you’re tight on time and/or budget, Express services might be a great fit for you. Hair By Joey has developed cutting and coloring methods that allow our clients to get the same high quality cuts and colors at a 30% savings by skipping elements of the service. Express colors are only available to existing clients who have already had their hair colored at Hair By Joey and are maintaining or making minor modifications. Express cuts are available to everyone. They get you in and out fast but are not a great fit for people who require a highly nuanced precision cut, who have a ton of hair or who prefer a more detailed and extended consultation or hair cut experience. Learn More about our Express services

Haircut: $45 Coloring: consultation required (typically 30% off normal price)

Lash Extensions and Permanent Makeup

You love looking and feeling your best but it can be a lot of work to give yourself that little extra edge. How’d you like to enhance your natural beauty 10-20%… RIGHT OUT OF BED! Every day. With zero effort. Literally no work at all and you’re bouncing out with your lashes, your lips and your brows looking amazing!!! This is what permanent makeup and Eyelash extensions do for you. Effortless beauty you can sleep in. And we’re not talking those cheesy plastic flappers or crayoned on clown brows. We’re talking absolutely pro level enhancements indistinguishable from mother nature’s magic. Curious?

Click here to book your services or an absolutely free true beauty consultation!

Eyelash Extensions
Lash Fill
Eyelash Lift + Tint
Brow Sculpting
Powder Brows
Hybrid Brows
Permanent Eyeliner
Eyeliner add on
Full Lip Color / Blush
Tattoo Lightening / Removal
Eyebrow Wax (Stand Alone)
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