Tattoo Application and Removal

You’re given a lot of thought and you’re ready to roll. You’ve got ideas but you need guidance. You want something beautiful or startling, subtle or shocking, large or small but it’s gotta be right, it’s gotta be original, IT’S GOTTA BE YOU! Kevin, our in house tattoo tech (and art school graduate) is an incredibly detailed, intuitive and personable tattoo artist. Not only that, he’s a master at helping you find the design in your mind and putting it on you! Tattoos (whether you’re adding or removing them) are a big decision. We remove the uncertainty and stress making it easy for you to relax in our one of a kind, zen enhanced spa space. It’s time to treat yourself! Click here to book your free consultation or tattoo service today! 



Rough draft print out



$100/hr (half hour minimum)

Tattoo Removal


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