Seattle’s Finest Lands in Hair Styling Prescott

Back in the day Joey once dreamed of making it big as a rock star front and center as a singer in a metal band. At one point, reality set in and Joey felt it wise to have a plan B just in case a record deal never came to. His drummer owned a hair salon and Joey felt it was a good way to make some money.  He soon discovered he had a knack for hair design and an intuitive niche for hair styling according to head shape, facial features and personality.

After five years at his friend’s hair salon, the turn of the century brought on a change of scenery for Joey as he transitioned into a major hair studio in Seattle. Six years later in 2006, he ventured into opening his own private hair salon in northeast Seattle.

Competing in the hair styling industry with multi-million-dollar stylists, Joey’s clientele list was growing along with his success, which landed him to be named one of Seattle’s top hair stylists. 

Getting married in 2011 to his wife Jess, a change of pace and lifestyle eventually came thereafter opening the door for a road trip to Prescott, Arizona. Love at first sight spearheaded the family relocation to the hometown.

In 2015 Joey expanded his Seattle salon and handed the day to day management over to his stellar staff so he and his wife could start a new life in the Southwest, focusing on his exclusive skill set of being a men’s stylist. Joey’s salon in Seattle is still thriving today.

Tailoring to the styles of Seattle, Joey became skilled on the longer hairstyles, the classy looks of the ‘20s, ‘30s and ‘40s, similar to the styles made popular in TV’s Mad Men or Hollywood’s Great Gatsby.

Since opening the barbershop in Prescott, Joey’s added a whole new menu of men’s grooming to his array of services, including military-type haircuts and modern sporty styles. 

Joey attributes his success to focusing on what matters—detail, personal connection and consistency in all aspects of the customer experience.

Joey received his training at the acclaimed Vidal Sassoon Academy in Los Angeles and brings over 25 years of experience as a hair stylist to Prescott, AZ.