About Amiera

My name is Amiera. Ever since I was nine years old I’ve loved baking! Cookies, cakes, crumbles and of course CUPCAKES! My dad tells me he’s an ‘entrepreneur” meaning… he’s a self made man, he didn’t need no college, he cut his own path to success… bla, bla,bla. Bottom line, he tells me if I want stuff in life… I gotta “get out there and hustle!” So I thought about what I could do to make my own mark? Lemonade stand? Only works part of the year. Help clean the salon? Yuck I hate cleaning! Selling my art on Etsy? Too complicated. One night I made a batch of particularly spectacular cupcakes (lemon infused coconut creme) and my dad just about fell over when he ate one. “This is it!” he yelled “This is your thing!”, “I LOVE YOU!” And so the idea was born. Loved Cupcakes. I’m loved, your loved, cupcakes are loved. Reserve yours today!

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