About Isaiah

Sonshine Shoeshine

My name is Isaiah. I’m 11 years old. I like stuff, lots of stuff. Pokemon cards, hoodies, shoes, candy, my pet gecko Ecco. I’ve been finding that when I ask for stuff from my folks these days, I’m increasingly met with the answer “You better figure out a way to make some money if you want that.” So I decided to take a little time and research ways a kid can make some MOULA and I stumbled upon shoe shining. It’s a bit of a lost art. Start up costs aren’t bad and all it requires is a can do attitude and a little elbow grease. So I studied Youtube videos, saved up and bought my gear on Amazon and started practicing on my dad’s shoes. Pretty soon I was doing his buddies shoes. Now I’ve decided it’s time to go public with my services!

Sonshine Shoeshine offers one day turn around on shoes, boots and just about any other leather good you can think of. Ladies I can do those thigh high boots too! If you’ve got a hair appointment scheduled at my dads shop simply bag up your shoes and drop em off. Pick up the next day or at your next appointment. Simple as that. There’s nothing I can’t shine! 

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