Curly Hair Seattle!  Time For A Post Summer Refresh!

Curly Hair Seattle! Time For A Post Summer Refresh!

Ah, the end of summer. It’s bittersweet.  I mourn the passing of our all too few endless sunshiny days, but I get excited as my clients to return for their seasonal (and back-to-school) curly cuts. And, as always, when the damage from scorching heat and chemical-rich swimming pools sinks in, my curly clients will likely hope I can save their wilting spirals — all in a few snips.

Unfortunately, It’s not so easy to bounce that hair back some times.   That’s why the new season is the perfect time for a revitalizing ringlet revamp.

The Deep Treatment

After the drying effects of summer, a good deep conditioning treatment will help bring back the vitality and moisture to thirsty curls. That’s why I make it at point (come Fall) to remind my clients that it’s time to reinforce healthy hair habits.

It’s a good thing to get back into a disciplined regimen of being gentle with your hair in the fall and treat the hair like a fine, delicate fabric again.  I believe the combination of the right haircut and the right level of moisture will give the best visual results of the curls no matter what curl type they have.

Here at Hair By Joey, I carry Alterna Caviar (  In my opinion, there’s nothing better for home hair pampering than their Caviar Hair Masque!

For those who’d rather not hassle with a treatment at home (and like to pamper themselves),  I also offer an in salon deep conditioning treatment and scalp massage for $30 without a hair cut or just $15 with.  I’ve seen amazing turn arounds again and again with this type of treatment.  The moisture is so important because it will restore the spring and elasticity and sheen of the curl that is so affected by beach weather, sun and salt.  Treat yourself once a week and you’ll really see the hair start to shine again in just one month. Most clients immediately experience less frizz and see a better curl formation.

In additon, It’s also a good idea to lay off the relentless shampooing.  In the summer, since people are swimming a lot, they end up shampooing their hair too much so now, without the pool time, they need to reduce the number of times they shampoo. Even with a deep conditioning treatment, if you shampoo your hair five times a week you’re going to be back to square one. For people with very damaged hair, shampooing one time a week should suffice.

Whatever your hair condition…. big frizzy triangle head or lopsided layers… curly, wavy, wispy..  if you’re ready to look better this fall… give me a call!