Dude… you need a haircut!

Dude! You need a haircut. You know you need a haircut. Your girl knows, your mom knows, your boss knows… heck even your best buddy is flipping you crap! So why are you here? Why does the haircut hassle get you to a place where you’re looking like a cross between Han Solo, William Wallace and Sasquatch? I’ve thought about this a lot because, well… 1. I’m a guy and 2. I’m a barber. Though I’ve developed my reputation with women’s cuts and colors in Seattle I’ve got a growing, loyal male clientele that I’m looking to focus on more in the future.

I just buzz my own head these days so the hassles are done for me, but back when I used to (just like you) need a hair cut every 4-6 weeks I often got behind on it. The top reasons I didn’t get to it are as follows…

1. Time. I’m frekking busy. Who has time to look for parking, wait, then have some stylist jaw your ear of for a half hour to 45 minutes? Or who has time for a fancy pants stylist that routinely runs late. Not me. How bout you?

2. Availability. Once I found a stylist I liked, I often found them unavailable when I needed to get in. I don’t like going and sitting somewhere to see if I can get in. My schedule is complicated so I need someone who can work with it.

3. Inconsistency. If I went to a random place it where I could get right in, it was usually really hit and miss. Communication is often an issue at the budget places. A bad haircut is worse than a grown out one! What to do? What to do?

My dad always taught me when it comes to professionals you work with in any area it comes down to three things…

  1. price
  2. quality
  3. speed (availability)

He said (and I’ve found it to be true) that a good deal is one where you get 2 out of 3 of these. If you’re only getting one… move on. If someone’s promising all three, they’re probably lying.

Here at Hair By Joey men’s hair salon Seattle, I can hang with just about anyone on quality and speed so my price is what’s gonna be a bit higher. At $45, my prices are a bit on the steep side for a barber shop (though on par with most senior stylists at nicer Seattle Hair Salons), however I do offer an express option that skips the shampoo and blow dry bringing the price down to $33 which is pretty doable for most guys looking for a great haircut experience on a budget.

Like I said, I’m big on speed and precision. Since I’ve got over 20,000 hours and nearly 20 years invested in doing men’s hair in Seattle, I can have you in and out in 20 minutes (including check-in and check-out) with a perfect cut every time. I rarely run behind and if I’m ever more than 15 minutes or your cut’s on me. Neck trims, beard trims and touch ups are always free so once you’re a client you can always swing in to keep your look sharp between cuts.

HBJ offers a exclusive, upscale, quiet and private environment. There is plenty of free parking within half a block and I even have a full body massage chair for you to kick it in while you’re waiting (it’s that reclining Cadillac one we’ve all tried at Brookstone). If you feel like chatting, we chat. If you just want to read the paper, be on your iphone or just zone out and relax that’s fine, too. It’s a very personalized experience… your time, your salon, your stylist. Not sure what you need? No worries. I’m a straight guy with an eye for style so helping you find the look that’s best for you is what I do.

Booking at HBJ couldn’t be easier. You can call me direct any time at 206-228-5639. No front desk girl with an attitude. You talk directly to me. Even easier you can book your own appointment online in about a minute by clicking here. If you don’t see a spot that works though be sure and call as I can often do a squeeze-in same day. I work a couple nights till 9 and all day Saturday so finding a time that works is easy.

So… in closing…can I offer you the best men’s haircut in Seattle? Well, honestly… no. That distinction probably goes to Valentine (http://www.valentinesseattle.com/). The guy’s a frekking Jedi master with the shears who spends an hour on the most detailed cut you can imagine! What I can do though is guarantee every cut I do and every product I sell with a “no questions asked”, 100% money back refund. So come on man…

Dude… seriously… get a hair cut! What are you waiting for?!!

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