Bringing Sexy (Silver) Back

Many of my clients have some degree of silver or gray hair.  Some chose to cover it fully others to blend it with other tones while others prefer to let it be its natural self.  All of these are good options.  Silver hair is one color you can’t really create realistically.  Mother nature is the only one who can mix that color.  While some see gray or silver as a sign of age and being “over the hill” others wear it as a crown of dignity and wisdom.  As a Seattle hair stylist and gray hair specialist in Seattle for almost 20 years, it’s my job to help you find whatever is the very best look for you.  The great news is you have plenty of options.  In addition, gray and silvery tones have become more popular in recent years so going this route may even bring you more up to date with the fashions and times!  The Huffington post recently put out a fun article on the subject that I found really encouraging ( .  Age in our culture is seen as a problem… something you need to hide.  I see that as a problem.  Age is beautiful.  If you’d like to get my professional opinion on where to take your look why not book you’re free consultation today or better yet book your next hair cut online by clicking here!


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