Your Hair Over A Lifetime: What Happens?

As a Seattle hair stylist, I get the pleasure of meeting many people in many different walks of life. While there are a lot of varieties of lifestyles to determine with deciding on the perfect haircut or highlights, some things are consistent across Seattle and the world.

Hair has a definite lifetime, and it tends to behave consistently in each season of our lives. As we age, a decrease of the hormone estrogen in women throughout their 30’s and 40’s slows hair growth gradually. Some thinning of the hair may happen in your 40’s, and some hair beginning to turn gray as a decrease of pigment cells in the core of the hair.

Eating well and limiting heat damage to your hair can offset some of the changes you may notice as you move into your 50’s. As your hormones ebb and flow, it causes some hair follicles to shut down, which can result in evident hair loss. By making healthy lifestyle choices, your hair will not show its true age.

Finding the best hair stylist for you will be somewhat determined by how well they understand where you are in this process, and how to cut your hair and which type of highlights to add. They will know color techniques that will renew some of your childhood pigment resulting in a healthy and youthful look.

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