Salon Experience: It’s More Than Just The Cut and Color

Defining Your Seattle Salon Experience

Meeting a new stylist in Seattle can be an intimidating experience. What’s the etiquette? Our lives can be so busy, loud and rushed that for many people the hair salon is a place to unplug, relax and rest.

You’d like to have a hair stylist just “get” what you’re after from the vision of your ideal cut and color to the salon experience. But sometimes they miss it… big time. A seasoned stylist will know the questions to ask to put you at ease, and it never hurts to drop a few clear hints. Here are a few suggestions:

  • If you’re feeling tired and not up for lot of chit-chat, feel free to mention your “long day at work” or that you’re “So looking forward to relaxing for a little bit”. Closing your eyes is a great, subtle way to get across that you’d like to just zone out for a bit.
  • If you enjoy conversation, go for it! This is your time, and hair stylists are some of the most interesting and interested people I know. We’re always up for a good conversation!
  • If you enjoy reading magazines during your service, don’t feel embarrassed about asking for the latest ‘US’, ‘People’ or your favorite magazine.

A great stylist can work around your ideal scenario while delivering an outstanding experience. When you find your best Seattle hair stylist “match”, a few clues will help them deliver the tailored experience you’re after.

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