Seattle Hair

As different as we all can be, top Seattle hair salons have one thing in common: They know how to do “Seattle Hair”. What is “Seattle Hair”?

Often, (not always) women in Seattle need a hair style that is a bit more “wash and go” than one that requires more time to style. Why is this? Well… I’ve found that weather plays a huge part. For many, it’s just not practical to have a style which requires them to put 30 minutes or longer into styling “just right”, only to have the whole thing fall apart as soon as soon as the humidity shifts or the rain starts to fall.

Another factor is the Seattle culture. As opposed to places like L.A., New York and Texas where big hair, dressy clothes and bold makeup are more the norm, around here women tend to pride themselves on natural beauty and a more active, outdoorsy lifestyle. It’s not like they don’t dress up with style (they do!) – but Seattleites need hair that can work well while dropping off the kids, going for a jog, making it through the Trader Joe’s parking lot and still looking cute at the end of the day! They need hair that can “work” in 10 minutes, and really shine in 20.

During your consultation with me at ‘Hair By Joey’, one of the first questions you will be asked is “How much time do you typically have to spend on your hair in the morning?” Taking that critical piece of information into account, I will craft a hair style that will look great & stay looking great throughout the day – whatever your allotted time budget.

This isn’t to say we do boring hair here. Over my 17 years of doing hair in Seattle, I have developed ways to make easy, do-able hair look amazing whether it’s a subtle shift in color, dynamic highlights, a dramatic swooping bang or a soft & connected layer that just works.

Often it’s the little things that make a big difference when it comes to managing your “Seattle Hair”.

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