Get Him a Haircut for the Holidays!

We know that many dudes out there aren’t a big fan of trips to the salon, and we’re pretty sure that’s because a lot of them have been going to the wrong places. Maybe the holidays are the perfect time to introduce the man in your life to a hair salon he’ll actually enjoy: Hair By Joey!

The holidays are all about treating someone you love to something you think they’ll love, and a smart, stylish haircut that comes with premier specialized services is the perfect gift for the guy on your list.

There are many reasons people encourage their boyfriends, husbands, fathers, or brothers to have a seat in one of the chairs at Hair By Joey. There might be a family photo or wedding coming up, or maybe a visit from their in-laws, but the experience itself is reason enough to make him an appointment.

Here are a few of the reasons you can rest assured your dude is going to love it here:

1.) Flexible Pricing

We have four different levels for men’s grooming treatments, so you can help him find something that’s perfect for his needs and budget. Start him off with The Knight ($35), which will get him a gorgeous haircut (sans shampoo) and a cup of our gourmet coffee, or step it up to either The Prince ($45) or The King ($65) for a little more pampering. Customize our service to make your gift the best fit possible!

2.) All the Trimmings

Hair By Joey offers a range of services for men that will make them feel pampered without sacrificing a shred of masculinity. For example, our premier treatment, The King, includes a thorough consultation, shampoo and precision cut, an invigorating aroma therapy scalp massage, beard and brow sculpting, 20 minute chair massage, and freshly ground French press coffee, tea, or a chilled Microbrew. Doesn’t that sound like the perfect combination of luxuries for any guy?

3.) We Just Get It

Hair By Joey is one of the few salons in Seattle specializes in male services, and as a result, you can count on the expertise of every staff member when it comes to styling men’s hair. Our clients are of every age, occupation, and personality, but they all have one thing in common: great taste. The reason men come to us is because we have such a deep and nuanced understanding of male style and timelessness. One trip to Hair By Joey, and you’ll see what the difference between Mastercut’s and a master cut looks like on a man.

If you want to give the man in your life something he’ll cherish and enjoy this holiday season, give him a trip to Hair By Joey! Our stylists are talented enough for men with strong ideas about their style and aesthetic, yet approachable enough for men who have just been trimming their own hair with a dull pair of scissors. Book now, or call us about a gift certificate!

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