Drop Dead Bronde: The Latest Advance in Enigmatic Color

Are you one of those people who wants to have it all? Maybe you love your beach-blonde locks from last summer but also want to go a little darker this season. If you are imagining looking like a Swedish ice princess with bright, pale hair this winter, but also fantasizing about the way dark tresses contrast against the falling snow, we’ve have some good news for you:

You can have it all. The newest color craze to hit the salons is called “bronde,” which is a portmanteau of brunette and blonde that combines the two shades so perfectly no one will be able to put their finger on quite what color your hair is—all they’ll know is how much they love it!

So what’s Bronde?

Bronde is the latest celebrity-driven hair craze. It’s kind of like a halfway point between brunette and blonde, but rather than dying your hair a single uniform shade—either a light brown or a darker blonde—we will incorporate highlights along the spectrum for a dimensional effect. Every movement or light source will catch your hair differently, creating a delightful mystery people won’t be able to stop looking at. It’s sort of like the effect of bayalage but more blended and applied throughout.

Celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence, Jennifer Lopez, Amy Poehler, Jennifer Aniston, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jessica Alba, and Cara Delevigne are just a few examples of celebrities who have been rocking this 2015 trend, but bronde really went viral after one of America’s most famous blondes, Blake Lively, posted a photo of her bronde-new look to Instagram captioned “Brondes have more fun.”

…Brondes have more fun #NoTypos-IKnowIThinkItsCrazyToo

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What Skin Tone Best Suites Bronde?

One of the best things about bronde hair color is its versatility—bronde hair looks good on pretty much anyone! Super pale skin is the one shade that might not work well with this color, simply because it will wash your skin out and make you look tired. Bronde looks stunning against blue, green, or brown eyes, especially on skin with a little bit of tan or glow because it suggests sun exposure, even in the middle of winter.

Bronde works especially well for people making the transition from blonde to something a little darker. It’s amazing how adding dark strands can actually make your hair look brighter and more filled with sun-kissed highlights.

What Cut Best Suites Bronde?

Again, pretty much any haircut can go bronde, but the longer the better because it will allow the most movement for your hair and therefore catch the most light and look the most dynamic. We recommend layered cuts rather than blunt bobs for the same reason—the funnest thing you can do with a bronde color is strategically place highlights and lowlights, and blending is what creates the mystery.

What’s Maintenance Like?

So easy! Bronde is coming on the heels of low-maintenance trends like ombre, balayage, or natural roots—no one wants to give up the ease of those looks too quickly. High-maintence hair trends are on their way out, especially here in the Pacific Northwest where comfort is king.

Furthermore, bronde is a great shade for women trying to disguise or incorporate grey hairs because the gray in the new growth will blend in with the blonde highlights, avoiding the stark contrast with dark brunette hair, but it won’t look excessively pale the way gray-on-blonde can.

Where Can I Get It?

Here, of course! Hair By Joey is the most trusted source for hair styling in the Green Lake, Roosevelt, Wedgwood, Ravenna, and U District areas. We offer all the elegance and luxury of a downtown salon but with superior customer service and an emphasis on building lasting relationships with our customers. Our colorists are a particular point of pride, and we’d love to help you go bronde this winter!

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