Introducing Opalex: Go Blonder and Stronger than Ever Before

There is one thing our stylists—and the entire salon world—cannot stop talking about: Olaplex. In the beauty industry, we’re pretty used to hearing the words “breakthrough” and “miracle” thrown around, but we’re going to join thousands of other in proclaiming that if your stylist isn’t using Olaplex yet, fire your stylist. Seriously.

The creators of Olaplex found their formula almost by accident, like penicillin or teflon or other incredible inventions. Beauty industry explorer Dean Christal was working with a group of chemists for years trying to develop a UV-activated silicone for hair, when he met with Dr. Craig Hawker to help with the formula. Hawker asked him what the “holy grail” for hair might be, and Christal replied offhand that if they could find a way to prevent breakage and truly repair damage by linking broken sulfur hydrogen bonds in the hair shaft, that would be the biggest thing to hit salons for decades. The next day, Dr. Hawker handed Christal the first batch of Olaplex.

Christal and Hawker and their team had found a way to eliminate the bad reaction oxygen has with broken sulfite bonds in chemically treated hair, and nothing has been the same since. One of the most famous proponents of Olaplex is the Redken Creative Consultant for Color Tracey Cunningham, who first tested Olaplex on Jennifer Lopez and has continued using it for every A-list client she’s had since. “Nothing changes,” Cunningham said, “but everything changes. You can still use your same hair color, your same products.”

Olaplex can be added to any bleach or color to prevent damage to hair or even repair existing damage. You can even just come in for an Olaplex treatment alone! Hair By Joey is proud to be on the cutting edge of this technology, and we truly cannot recommend it more for anyone who cares about the integrity, texture, appearance, and health of their hair.

Check out some of these pictures we pulled from the Olaplex Instagram account—you’ll see why we’re obsessed! If you’ve always wanted to try a dramatic color change, now is your chance.

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