We’re Exceptional. But Don’t Take Our Word for It.

At Hair By Joey, we pride ourselves as much in our work as in our customer service. Our reputation is our most cherished possession, and we’re proud to be known as some of the most skillful, attentive stylists in Seattle.

Don’t believe us? You don’t have to, but maybe you’ll believe our reviewers! It always brings a smile to our faces when we see our clients post glowing Yelp reviews, and we’re very proud of our high rating relative other area salons. Here’s a look at four of our last reviews for a great representation of what our customers are like and what they like about us!

Black to Light Blue: Color Transformation

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 12.34.47 PMWe are so glad Anna enjoyed her time with Megan! Our stylists always try to take their time and explain their process, especially during dramatic or time-consuming transformations.

Precision Male Haircuts

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 12.35.30 PMAt Hair By Joey, we take special pride in giving men a haircut and an enjoyable experience while still keeping the process as brief and effective as possible. So glad Ragan enjoys our cuts and perks!

Curly Girls

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 12.37.42 PMYes! Another curly haired-girl learns how to love and manage her mane! We love working with curly hair, and consider it one of our areas of focus, so it’s great to read about Danielle’s experience!

All About Ambience

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 12.53.32 PMWe are so glad Michelle enjoyed her time at Hair By Joey. We’ve strived to achieve a posh yet non-corporate environment for clients that’s both cozy and relaxing.

And as you might notice on our Yelp, we are also always grateful for an opportunity to address any complaints whatsoever our clients might bring up. We understand that sometimes it can be hard to speak up during your appointment and tell your stylist that you’re unhappy about something, so we’re actually grateful for the opportunity to address any critiques later through. At Hair By Joey, making your experience wonderful is our biggest goal—please come see us if you’re looking for a skillful, thoughtful stylist in the Maple Leaf neighborhood or North Seattle!

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