Premier Men’s Hair Stylist Prescott Features the Silver Kings

I was lucky enough to land a position at the top barbershop in Prescott as a men’s hair stylist when I rolled into town three years ago.  While I’d been focused on men’s grooming at my shop in Seattle for a couple of years prior and considered myself primarily a “men’s stylist”, it wasn’t until I joined the team here in Prescott that I really began to do men’s haircuts in volume.  One of the first things I noticed in those early days, when I was so new to town, was how much white, grey and silver hair I was cutting.  Let me introduce the Silver Kings…

This Barber Shop Prescott is Impressed!

Everyone knows Prescott has a lot of seniors…what I didn’t expect was the energy the “seniors” around here have.  These guys are on the ball!   The men of Prescott come in a wide variety of style, they are a hell of a lot of fun to talk to and man do they have some cool hair!  

Popular Men’s Haircuts, Prescott Style

Men’s hair styling for the younger gents around here seem to be shorter men’s hair styles.  What I call the classic 1,2,3 fade with a little texture on top and a little length in the front. A great look (and I do this cut many times a day) but I’ve found over the years The Silver Kings are less predictable. 

Many of my guys in their 50’s, 60’s and beyond like to rock some longer styles and they wear them well.  I’ve got guys who like a modern twist on “the Mullet“… you know, business on the top… party in the back. Others like what I think of as “The Redford“… that shaggy, tussled shag worn so often by the legendary actor who made that name famous. 

I’ve got my card-carrying conservatives who love a military grade flat top right out of WW2 as well as my hippie-dippy former surfers from Cali who still dig those shoulder length waves.   When you’re retired, you can wear your hair however the hell you want and the Kings I’ve met around here love to let their look tell you a little something about them.  If you still have some stuff on top…why not have fun with it?

What I’ve Come to Appreciate from the Silver Kings at My Men’s Barber Shop

It’s been so great getting to know the Silver Kings of Prescott.  One of the best things about living in this town is the shear variety and availability of older gentlemen who really want to see you succeed.  So many seniors here are every bit as active and engaged as I am… more so in some cases.  They bike, they hike, they ride Harleys and grow organic gardens. These mentors motivate me, they inspire me…they make me question how I spend my time and what I’m shooting for in life.  I’ve never met so many happily married guys. 

Often a guest will bring his wife into my private Prescott salon to relax in the massage chair while he gets his haircut.  I love to see the love.  Many of the Silver Kings have been married 20, 30, 40 years to the same wonderful woman and you can tell they’re still into each other.  We’ll all be hanging out laughing and chatting and… I don’t know… it gives me something to shoot for… it says, “This is how life can be in your golden years if you play your cards right.” 

The Kings already have it together for the most part.  They’re often confident and calm in a way I hope to be some day.  They tend to be generous with praise and open with advice.  You don’t get the sense that they want to keep it all to themselves, quite to the contrary, they want to share what they’ve spent so many long years learning.  They’re good listeners and they ask good questions. Speaking of questions, one I get most often from my Kings is, “How do I work with this hair that seems to have developed a mind of its own?”

Go to the Pro Prescott Barbershop for the Best Men’s Hair Styling

It’s no secret hair changes as we age but what’s not as well known is what to do about it.  As my senior clientele has shifted from 20% at my Seattle salon to more like 60% here at my Prescott men’s salon, I’ve made it my goal to learn as much as I can about managing the grey, white and silver. 

Often, hair thins out as we age but it can also thicken, bristle and start poking out all over in ways it never did before.  Those cowlicks that were challenging when you were younger can go into all-out rebellion mode.  Often the way to make things start flowing better is a subtle combination of delicate scissor work and aggressive texturing.  Knowing what to cut and where is more of an art than a science. The reality is never more important to understand than when you’re working with ornery grey hair. You’re just not going to find stylists that are able to execute these nuanced techniques at your average Prescott barbershop. 

While barbers can work wonders with clippers, these longer more tussled styles often require a more subtle approach to look their best.  This is why the Silver Kings do well to find a Prescott hair salon that caters more to their texture.

Men’s Hair Color Finessed

Color likewise can be complex when it comes to senior hair.  A color is going to turn out looking one way on silver hair, another on grey hair and yet another on the classic salt and pepper look.  Finding a Prescott men’s hair stylist that understands this is key to getting predictable, natural looking results.  The Kings aren’t looking for the black shoe polish look when it comes to hair color and they don’t generally want to look “Billy Idol” bleached blond either.  They want it to look just like them… only 10 or 20 years ago.  Most of my Kings are happy with their hair color but those who just never got used to the change really appreciate the ability to turn the clock back a little.   

Men’s Barber Shop Tailored to Exactly What You Need

So, if you’re a Silver King, a Grey-Haired Gandalf or a Salt-and-Pepper Prince, consider Hair By Joey Prescott.  You won’t find a place in town where you’re more understood, appreciated and welcomed.  You won’t find a person with more experience working with your hair type whether it’s thick, thin, curly, straight, grey, gold or silver or somewhere in between.  You’ve worked hard your whole life… it’s time to kick back a little, to take a mini vacation, sit in a massage chair, have a craft beer and get the best hair cut of your life…every time. 

You can call me direct any time at 206-228-JOEY (5639) or jump online to book your own appointment in 3 clicks.  Why not?  You’ll be glad you did!


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