Trending Now with a Big Come Back: The Classic Mens Barber Shop

Men’s grooming services are becoming more and more popular among today’s business, retired, and younger men. The mens hair salon is now getting more tailored to individual needs, care, and attention of today’s era of gentlemen.

Men’s Barber Shops are Sweeping the Nation

According to Forbes, since 2013 there have been a boom in the number of barber shops popping up across the nation and has become “the fasted-growing profession in the U.S.” It appears as though retail spaces that are tailored more toward health and wellness are having a more impactful effect on consumers than the typical product-selling shops considering the increase of shopping online. Though for personal services, taking the time to go out and get pampered is on the rise.

Specialized Men’s Grooming Salons Entice the Man to Take Some “Me Time”

Salons tend to be more geared toward the ladies who will take advantage of spending a fair amount of time and money to get the works done. Though these salons also take male clients as well, known as unisex salons.

Barbershops lend themselves to a man’s getaway, for men by men. Gents have been catching on to the trend of spending the time and a little more money to keep up their appearances, get refreshed, look younger, and to just plain feel good about themselves.

The Barber Shop, where a Man Can be a Man

Men can get very particular about their grooming and once they find the right cut, shave, buzz – they are sold. Let’s face it, men know men’s hair, and a men’s hair stylist knows what it feels like to get that perfect cut every time. A professional hair stylist for men is often sought after to get that quality cut and feel good, fresh-from-the-salon feeling.

But what also is unique and inviting about the barber shop, it’s a place for men to hang with other men, talk about sports, the family, the business, cars, the yard, whatever – guys can be guys and just unwind in a chill atmosphere.

What’s More Unique is Hair By Joey Barber Shop Prescott

New to the area but not new to mens hair styling is Joey with his new-to-town men’s barber shop, also known as an upscale men’s hair salon, called Hair by Joey. He comes from big city Seattle as a top hair stylist who fell in love with hometown Prescott. Catering to men only, his barbershop offers his clientele a fresh cup of coffee or a cold micro-brew and a free massage in a top-of-the-line massage chair as you wait.

The services are deluxe, and his experience is prestige. Joey is experienced with popular mens haircuts. Here hears what you want and gives you what you expect, his reviews say it all!

If you are looking to catch on to the trend of becoming a regular with the guys at the local barbershop, and you want an amazing barber, give Hair by Joey a call today!

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