Keeping Business Local: Your Nearest Barber Shop Straight from the Big City

Isn’t it cool to live in small town but have access to big-city luxuries? Sometimes small-town living can have the disadvantage of not having all the bells and whistles of bigger cities. But when there is a new big-city kid on the block, a new door is open to this possibility!

Your nearest barber shop is just that, straight from the big city to small-town Prescott. Now there’s no need to have to travel over an hour and a half down I-17 to Phoenix or Scottsdale.

The High-End Barber Shop Service Brought Local

Joey of Hair by Joey mens hair salon Prescott came from big-city Seattle, reigning as a top hair stylist. Professional training from an industry-elite program afforded Joey top-of-the-line skills and craftiness with his hair cutlery.

He has been in the business now for over 25 years as he’s tailored his skilled to mens grooming. As a man himself, he had a vision to create a mens barber shop specifically for this audience, opening up a space where a man can be a man, get the self-care pamper session he deserves, and go along with his business.

What’s unique about Joey’s barber shop Prescott, Hair by Joey, as the sole owner and worker, he has the freedom to tailor the shop to his client’s specific needs and luxury requests, including offering a cold micro-brew, a massage chair, and the wisdom of man-to-man think tank session.

Business Trends in Prescott

You’ll also notice in the beloved town of Prescott that small business shops are constantly revolving. Today’s economy is shifting to an online market, but what you can’t do online are the personal care services like mens grooming, massages, mens hair styling, etc. Private salons, barber shops, nail salons, and other businesses in self-care and wellness are popping up and staying because they are service-oriented. As long as they cater to their clientele with excellent customer care, then they will flourish.

Personal-Touch Care Men’s Hair Stylist

At your nearest barber shop Prescott, you are going to be treated like royalty. Joey, as a one-man-shop, gives you’re his undivided, one-on-one attention. The main phone to the shop goes directly to Joey, who’s already ready to take your call and to coordinate your mens grooming needs. It’s like having your own personal stylist on speed dial!

Nearest Barber Shop Prescott, Hair By Joey, Personal Touch in the Community

What’s great about local businesses is that they directly benefit the community in which they have their business. Relationships are built, involvement in charities and community events keeps the business closely tied to the people within the community too. There are also economic benefits and the contribution of the unique business to create the town’s identity and personality.

Get to Know Your Local Mens Barber Shop

Treat yourself to the luxury of the big city with top hair stylist, Joey at Hair By Joey. You won’t know how you ever got along without him!

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