4 Reasons Why Mens Grooming is For You

Could you be missing out on an incredibly beneficial self-care regimen?

The numbers show that more and more men are taking advantage of incorporating some much needed “me time” into their personal routines, by method of professional mens grooming services.

1. The salon is no longer a woman’s domain.

To attract the male clientele, the mens hair salon has returned to the well-known, old-fashioned designation of mens barber shop. Men are starting to understand the enjoyment, the refreshment, and rejuvenation of a good pamper session from their local barber. Just as women look forward to an hour or more in the salon chair, gossiping with the hair stylist, men also enjoy the down time to relax in the barber chair to have some man-to-man talk.

2. Self-care goes a long way.

It is no longer unusual for men to get a wax, get their eyebrows done, or to manicure their hands and feet. They appear to be catching on the trend that the ladies have known for a while. No longer tailored to just the ladies, the spa is now getting frequented by the male clientele as well.

3. The benefits of taking time for professional mens grooming services.

Men tend to be the breadwinner of the family. They also have an innate want to solve all the world’s problems, or at least the problems in their world. They get involved in tasks that take time and labor to complete. They are quick to lend a hand to their neighbor with a project, or to coach the kid’s soccer team. The list of duties a guy has can add up quick. It does everyone some good if the overworked and over-lending man takes care of himself too.

What emerges after some time in the barber chair is a relaxed, confident and satisfied guy who’s ready to tackle the world again, or at least painting the spare bedroom.

The place to go to get the ultimate in mens grooming, to relax while the weight of the world is unloaded at the door…

4. Your local mens barber shop is calling your name.

The barbershop is a place where a man can be a man, let his guard down and just shoot the breeze with other guys. He get’s the best level of service with the antiquated straight-razor shave while kicking it with a cold brew. Spruce up the shag with a stylist that knows men’s hair so you can walk out looking like you again, or a brand new you!

Take a load off, unwind and kick your feet up for a bit. The rest of the world can wait until you are at your peak again.

If this sounds good to you then Hair By Joey is right up your alley. Give Joey a call to schedule your manly “me time.” You’ll be happy you did!

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