Mens Hair Salon Pro Tips: How to Use Hair Wax

Mens Hair SalonAre you trying to achieve a certain look or hair style? Have you been flipping through the channels and are noticing that all the men that are getting the chicks have a certain hair flaunt that is sleek, styled, and chic? Are you wondering how you can attain such a look that’ll get you noticed?

Featured in this Mens Hair Salon Pro Tip is how to effectively use hair wax.

Let’s get your hands dirty!

If you’re not one to want to spend a lot of money on primping products, nor wants a cabinet full of them either, then hair wax is your one and done styling product for your mane. A simple morning routine is more desirable anyway.

Men’s Hair Styling with Hair Wax

If you are trying out one of the popular mens haircuts, such as a little longer on the top with a slick back, or a little extra volume on top, then hair wax is going to help you achieve that desired look.

Some men aren’t so luck with having naturally shiny, luscious locks, your hair may be a little lackluster and dull. The hair wax will bring the luster back into your locks.

The How to Apply Hair Wax:

  • Start with clean hair
  • Start off using a small amount of wax, dime to penny-size amount
  • Rub it between the palm of your hands to warm it up. This will make it more pliable to apply to your hair
  • Apply a thin layer to the top of your hair using your palms
  • Then, get underneath your hair, placing it to where you would like it styled, say slicked back or to the side
  • Once the hair is in place to where you want it, you can then spot touch any hairs that are sticking up or if you are prone to fly-a-ways – you may also want to use a fine-tooth comb to make a part more defined or to lay pieces of hair down

And Voila! You’re Done!

The directions on the product are helpful, as well as many YouTube tutorials.

Your Local Mens Hair Salon Can Show You the Latest Hair Styles with Wax

So now that you see that applying hair wax is not that intimidating, you are ready to make an appointment at your nearest barber shop to get that new 2019 popular mens haircut! If it’s too much to handle you can always shave it off. It’s probably time for you to have a pamper sesh anyway, so head to your mens barber shop and take a load off.

Mens Grooming with Popular Hair Wax

You can visit your local pharmacy (Walgreens, CVS), Walmart, or your preferred men’s hair salon to pick up a tub of hair wax. Popular brands are TIGI, Suave American Crew, Paul Mitchel, and Redken.

Pop into Hair By Joey for the Best in Mens Hair Styling

Joey is always up on the latest men’s styles and popular mens haircuts. Show him what you are after and he’ll get you the style you’re looking for. To help him achieve the classy slicked back pompadour or high sheen undercut, Hair By Joey uses “V76” hair products.  Their V-Rated Natural is the best wax you can buy. He’s happy to give you a walk through on how to properly apply the product so you can confidently style your hair on your own.

Go ahead, shake it up a bit, get loose and wild, or tame and sophisticate it – it’s a whole new world with what you can achieve with hair wax!

Give Hair By Joey a call to get more mens hair salon pro tips.

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