An Easy Guide to the Best Mens Beard Trimmer

mens beard trimmer

When searching for the best mens beard trimmer on the market there are a lot of considerations to ponder over, such as:

  • What do you want this beard trimmer to do – only the beard, neck, top of the head, or all over?
  • Do you prefer a plug-in, battery operated, or rechargeable trimmer?
  • Do you need extra accessories, like attachments and nose and ear hair trimmer?
  • And of course, how much do you want to spend?

Here at Hair By Joey, barber shop Prescott, we know how important men’s grooming is to today’s man. There is a desire to look good, clean cut and presentable as you head out to tackle the day. Even the facial hair needs to be kept tidy with trusted clippers.

So, what is the best mens beard trimmer for you?

Popular Mens Beard Trimmer Brands

Popping in to your local Walmart, you’re likely to see the brand names of Philips Norelco, Remington, Wahl, Braun, and Gillette. Listed below are some of the more preferred models.

Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer

A recommended model for this brand, if you want the ultimate in convenience, is the Philips Norelco Series 7200 beard trimmer with vacuum. Does the wife yell at you for leaving hair clippings all over the sink? Make her happy with this self-cleaning trimming tool. It also comes with different attachments for your preferred facial hair and side burn lengths.

Remington Virtually Indestructible All-in-One Grooming Kit, Yellow/Black, PG6855

For a fair price at Walmart, the PG6855 offer head, beard, nose and ear trimming options with 6 comb attachments. Made of polycarbonate it can withstand hard falls.

For a step up from the PG6855, the Remington XR1400 Verso Wet & Dry Men’s Shaver & Trimmer gets a very close shave, even for men who prefer the clean-shaven head, this one works well with sharp blades and a long lasting charge.

Wahl Stainless Steel Lithium Ion Rechargeable Hair Clipper/ Trimmer, Model 9818

You’ll probably see a lot of options for Wahl beard trimmers at Walmart. The brand offers different models and kits according to your budget and hair trimming needs. Model 9818 looks sleek and offers a full men’s grooming kit with hair clipper, shaver and nose and ear trimmer. It’s rechargeable and holds a 4-hour charge.

Braun MGK3060 Beard Trimmer

This Braun beard trimmer offers the bells and whistles for an affordable price. It comes with nose and ear trimmer and has 13 adjustable trim lengths. No cords here with its rechargeable battery that holds a 1-hour charge.

Gillette Styler Beard Trimmer

The best beard trimmer on a budget is the Gillette Styler beard trimmer. Coming in at around $20 at Walmart, it is marketed as a 3-in-1 with trim, shave and edge, plus it’s waterproof to bring into the shower for extra convenience. It also comes with its Fusion5 Blade razor for the close face shave over cheeks and neck.

If you’re shopping outside of Walmart, here are some other highly recommended options that can be ordered online:

Two-in-One Men’s Grooming Tool:

A popular men’s barber shop choice has been the Andis Professional T-Outliner Beard and Hair Trimmer. It’s a two-in-one option for barbers to use on face, neck and top of the head. It is also a corded trimmer without the worry of recharging for multiple clients. Plus, the cord makes for an easy grab if it slips from the hands.

Your Nearest Barber Shop Prescott Uses Only the Finest

Pro men’s barber at Hair By Joey prefers to treat his clients to the Wahl Sterling Mag cordless neck and beard trimmer.

“It makes for great sharp edges and is great for trimming the neck too,” said Joey Furlan owner and top men’s hair stylist at Hair By Joey.

It’s an easy to maneuver tool and is very lightweight around 4 oz. It comes with a cord or you can choose to use the rechargeable batteries. It also comes with four snap on combs, oil and cleaning brush.

Of course, for the ultimate treat in beard trimming, Hair By Joey offers the old-fashioned and much desired men’s grooming experience of the straight-razor shave.

Or try before you buy the Wahl Sterling Mag for your own beard trim, and through in a hair wash while you’re at it for a little extra pamper that you deserve.

Come see Joey, he’ll take care of all your beard trimming and sprucing up that you need!

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