Hair Style for Men – What Your Style Really Says About You

You may have a certain hair style that you prefer, perhaps the same hair cut you have had for years. It is so routine that when you walk into your local men’s barber shop, the barber looks at you with a nod to insinuate “the usual”.  But what if “the usual” is telling a different story than you were hoping for?

Take a Look in the Mirror and Examine the Current Situation

The style you’re currently sporting now, has this been a constant for a while now? Or, was it inspired by the hero character from your favorite hit TV series? Are you one to want to model your goals and character traits after a real stand-up guy, thus also try to mimic his style to help you become just as successful or respected? Or, did your mom cut your hair a certain way since you were a kid and you can’t bare the thought of change?

Hair By Joey Hair Style for Men Pro Tips are going to dive a little deeper into what your hair style is really saying about you.

The Buzz Cut

Let’s face it, it’s easy-peasy to shave it all off.  This hair style for men states that this guy wants to focus his time and energy on more important things than a tedious men’s grooming session in the morning. He is sporting a low maintenance, no fuss, let’s get up and go attitude.

Men have the option to get the professional buzz cut, electric razor shave from their nearest barber shop if they like to treat themselves with a sit back sesh in barber chair every once in a while. Then, for times when the buzz-cut dude is too busy with more important things, a 10-minute home buzz will suffice just fine.

This can be performed with a full head of hair, or for a lighter mane, some men choose to shave the under layer leaving a layer of hair at the crown that is typically pulled back into the bun.  So, what does this hair style for men portray? A carefree flare with an attempt to control, trying to let go but can’t commit to a total release.

The man bun also exhibits a touch of femininity and creativity, considering the dude will take the extra time in the morning to fuss with an extra hair conditioning treatment to control fly-aways and split-ends from the rubber band used to tie back the tresses.

The Bald Eagle

A man who chooses to Bic for convenience or feels it’s a necessity because the receding hairline isn’t too becoming on the fellow, there is an air of confidence that is exuded from a bald man. The confidence may be due to making up for the lack on top, or its because he’s not worried about how his hair style came out that day.  

The bald style can also suggest attention to detail, slow and meticulous, considering the good-looking Bic needs careful, slow shave strokes to attain the perfect outcome.

Volume on Top with the Perfect Quaff

A man with a healthy head of hair is more apt to take the time to prim it up with a fine-tooth comb and light hair products to emphasize the shiny smooth mane. The essence of the perfect quaff is that this man appreciates what he has and wants to take good care of it, as well as take advantage of its value. This styled man will use what he’s got on top to also turn the heads of others, and he doesn’t mind getting noticed.

Luscious Locks Blowing in the Wind

Letting hair grow long and usually wild and untamed will state the same about your personality. Wild and untamed are also known as rebellious, choosing to be outside of the social norm. Extra time is needed to properly care for these luscious locks, so a daily hair care regimen is usually involved, so though this let loose and wild man may appear untamed, there is a method to his madness.

Slathering the Grease

So, this look may not be as popular as it was back in the late ‘70s with John Travolta, but just in case you are considering reinstating the era…the slick back look emanates a suspicion to the motive.  Slicking it back may be an attempt to cover up some patchy or thinning spots. Also, the amount of product that is needed to perform this look is an attempt to control a situation that’s trying to be avoided; a form of manipulation.

In actuality, the hair balm is used to put the hair in an unnatural position in order to maintain a sense of control. Whoa – who knew we were going to get psychoanalytical here!  But think of how the stereotypical car sale’s man is often portrayed, with this “greasy” hair style, to match his greasy personality to slide the customer into the front seat of an overpriced heap!

Just wanted to throw this out there just in case.

Hair By Joey Knows the Goods on Making You Look Good

But hey, at Hair By Joey, Joey, the top men’s hair stylist and men’s barber will listen to the style you would like to achieve and why and make sure you step out of his chair, back on to the streets of Prescott feeling like a million bucks. Yup, he’s that good. Soon, you’ll be coming to see Joey and all you need is that head nod because you know you are getting the perfect men’s hair style for your personality.

If you need assistance in changing up your style with a look that will accurately portray your awesome personality, give Joey a try. He’s been in the men’s grooming business for over 25 years with top-of-the-line training which has excelled him to the top in his industry. Who better to trust with what you got up top than a man who is at the top of what he does?

Call Joey today to schedule your next men’s hair style session!

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