How to Choose the Right Prescott Barber Shop

Choosing the right Prescott barber shop does not have to be a daunting task. There are a good amount of barber shops and salons in Prescott. But how do you choose the one that will leave you walking out feeling like a million bucks, loving your new look and knowing that the price was right, and, for a cherry on top, having a delightful experience as well?

If you are on top of it, your monthly grooming session, trim, shape up, shave, buzz, fade, or restyle should be something you look forward to, not dread because you don’t know what you’ll get.

First off, you can’t go wrong with following these simple tips to get your started:

  1. If you see someone with a style you like while you are out and about, pay a compliment to that person that you like their hair and ask who and where they got it done. A lot of referrals to barber shops are made this way as well as for-life clients!
  2. Before going to the barber shop, give the shop a call or check online to see if they provide the services you are looking for, plus any extra amenities that you may benefit from too.
  3. It’s always good to get an idea of the cost for the services you are looking for. This will prevent the sticker shock effect after the appointment. Also ask if they accept debit or credit, or if it is cash only.
  4. Look at their reviews on Google or Yelp to see how others felt about their experience, a hair stylist they recommend, or an added amenity you may want to add on to your services.

We’ve done some of the work for you focusing on the Prescott barber shops and salons based on their services and offerings.

Read on to learn more about Prescott barber shops and salons who have received high remarks for their services. See what matches what you are looking for in a hair stylist or salon, give a call, make an appointment, and leave a review to help others decipher which barber shop in Prescott will meet their needs.

Best Price Hair Cuts and Shave – Joe’s Barber Shop, LLC

Here is a barber shop in Prescott where you will walk out satisfied with a haircut, shave or both as well as how much you paid for it. There’s a crew of barbers at this shop who are open to take clients, scheduled or walk-ins are both accepted. Joe’s Barber Shop keeps it simple and to the point.

They get you in and out at a fair price for the service. Their services offer fades, shaves, buzz cut, hair cuts and straight-razor shaves. They are kid friendly too.

Best last-minute haircuts – Straight Edge Barbershop

There are times when you wake up in the morning and you realize it’s been too long since your last hair or beard grooming session, oh yeah and you have an important meeting tomorrow! Give Kate a call at Straight Edge Barbershop to schedule an appointment that same day and she’ll fit you in a time slot to spruce you right up. Clients share that she is friendly, funny and can remember haircuts from past appointments.

Kate works with both men and women tailoring their hair experience to their usual or to shake it up.

Kate knows how to welcome anyone into her barber shop to make them feel at home with her warm and inviting personality. She has fair prices too!

Best High End Men’s Hair Style – Hair By Joey

Step into Hair By Joey’s hair salon and get a taste of the newest Prescott barber shop. As a top hair stylist from big city Seattle, Joey brings his talent down south to this hometown. He’s rejuvenated the barber shop experience for his clients to be upscale and luxurious, and he will rejuvenate his clients with his skill of creating the perfect look that fits any style and personality.

Top products, top talent, top stylist places this private hair salon on the high end – with an experience that is well worth it. Joey’s clients are handled with finesse with beard trims and shaves, including the straight razor shave treatment. He offers Guylights and camo color hair care. Special amenities are included for the enjoyment of clients as well.

Joey currently works with men and children, and soon women as well.

Best Vibe – John Hancock Barbershop

Boasting masculine luxury, John Hancock Barbershop receives the best vibe in our book. Customers walk into an atmosphere that is chill, laid back and relaxing. The hair stylists are also on the same even keel as the vibe, greeting their clients with a smile and as though they’ve known you forever. There are no strangers at John Hancock, just a friend they haven’t met yet and are very happy when they do.

Quality and skill are exemplified in their exceptional work ethic and customer service. Clients will not be disappointed with the service or their grooming experience at this men’s barber shop in Prescott.  

Tres Chic – Hair Station 105

Sometimes you just want that straight from the salon, ready for a photo-shoot feel. The staff at Hair Station 105 have created a posh sophisticated atmosphere that makes you feel like a high-class movie star. Men and women come to this salon in Prescott and will spend according to their stylist’s prices. The reviews are 4 and 5 stars with satisfied customers who have not been disappointed and plan return visits. 

Hair stylists are touted as being very professional, knowledgeable and know what they are doing with their pleased clients.

Services offered are women’s hair design, men’s haircuts, coloring, and waxes.

Family Haircuts – Fantastic Sams

Satisfying customers from children to seniors at an affordable price, Fantastic Sams is a franchise in-and-out salon that caters to the whole family. With a large staff that can change often, it is good to look through the review for names of hair stylists that were recommended. The salon offers hair color and their own brand products. They listen to the needs of their clients and offer a quick turn around to get you on your way. It’s a handy place to go when all three kids need a cleanup!

No Fuss Hair Cuts – Great Cuts

Great Cuts is a franchise salon that offers an online application for scheduling appointments, as well as to help set a realistic expectation on the wait time. This allows the client to know when to walk in the door to receive the best service. Though, the scheduling system seems streamlined enough, it’s the staff that will make the ultimate experience. Recent reviews show many satisfied customers who were taken care of efficiently and left satisfied with their style.

Franchise Offers Convenience

Fantastic Sams and Great Cuts have a few locations in the Prescott/Prescott Valley area. If a family-friendly, in-and-out service is all you need, take some time to read reviews to see which stylist has received the greatest accolades, which may help to improve your experience.

These two salons also offer deals on their hair care services. Take a peek online or give them a call before you make an appointment to see if there are any specials or where a coupon might be available.

What is important to you?

Consider what is most important to you to settle in at the perfect barber shop or salon in Prescott.

  • A conversation you look forward to with your barber
  • Telling your stylist your needs and expectations for the visit, feeling heard with your needs and expectations met
  • A true grooming experience that lets you escape the world for a bit
  • Excellent customer service and care
  • Quick, easy, in and out service
  • The least expensive as possible
  • Finding a stylist that you can trust with your children’s hair

Your Ultimate Decision and Opinion with Decipher the Best Prescott Barber Shop

Your style says a lot about you, even more when you love how you look and can show it off with confidence. Finding a trusted, talented hair stylist will help you feel and look your best. Getting a good hair style at a barber shop that is local, affordable, fast and friendly is the cream of the crop and you deserve that!

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