Rainbow Hair…Yep, We Do That Too!

Hair By Joey Prescott has built a huge reputation as Prescott’s #1 Hair Salon for people wishing to transition from colored hair to natural silver or grey. While we love helping Silver Queens shift to a more natural look and while this service comprises the majority of what we do we have in recent months been having fun getting creative with the younger set.

Rainbow color is pure fun, pure creativity! It can be as simple as a flaming red accent bang or a few peekaboo streaks at the nape or as complex and eye catching as a full blown iridescent cascade kaleidoscoping throughout the whole head. Like all the colors we do our first goal with Rainbow or Vivid hair color in Prescott is to protect the integrity of the client’s hair. Good Rainbow color nearly always requires removing the former hair color from the rainbow sections. This requires the expert application of sophisticated hair lighteners usually through a series of steps. With the home job or the cheap salon job this is where things start to go wrong…. lift too little and you end up with too much underlying yellow which negatively impacts the Vivid color in the next step. Rich blues become washed out greens… fiery reds become brassy orange. Lift too much and you destroy the hair… literally melting the hair shaft leaving you with a broken mess of straw on the top of your head. Getting this kind of color right requires expertise. Getting it wrong may require a fetching collection of cute hats.

Hair By Joey is a high end shop meaning we charge what we’re worth to get the results you want…. guaranteed. Hitting a bargain shop to save a few bucks may get you the look you want but may also result in trashed hair, off color or great color that rinses out in three or four days. When considering a shift into the playful, creative, exciting world of Rainbow color, take your time. Save your money. Find a stylist in your area who’s known for this kind of work and knows how to navigate all the complications that can arise. A good salon will usually have you come in for a free consultation first so they’re able to give you a general idea on pricing, timing and special order any required chemical components. Rainbow color can feel like a fun, spontaneous exciting way to spice up your life… something you can just do on a whim at whatever salon can get you in TODAY! Don’t be fooled. We fix trainwrecks that happen as a result of people not taking fun color seriously. It can be VERY expensive.

Rainbow color is one of the freshest, hottest fashion trends going in hair right now. There are unlimited ways to formulate, apply and create unique styles and effects. If your heart is set on Rainbows take the time to make it right! To book your free consultation with us, click HERE.

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