The Covid Question

Let’s be honest, your hair is starting to look a little sketchy but you’re worried about Covid 19 so you’ve been postponing your hair appointment. We get this all the time here at Hair By Joey… folks who’ve waited and waited and now just have to get their hair done.

Covid is a valid concern (obviously) especially with numbers on the rise as we move into the winter. Still salons have a business to run. It’s not always practical (or even feasible financially) to have a one client at a time policy so we all do the best we can with masks and sanitation and those who are high risk stay home and deal with the Covid hair.

Hair By Joey has always been a private space. Just a couple stylists and customers in the salon at the same time has always been the way we do things around here. Still, with a couple of stylists, two clients and maybe a friend or an assistant along for the ride it can feel like too many people around when a virus is running wild. This is why we’ve expanded our salon hours to 7 days a week with Sunday and Monday being exclusive day’s where only one stylist and one client are in the design space at the same time. This seems like the most sensible approach, allowing the business to run at a profit during the regular week seeing people with low concern while offering a special, private experience Sundays and Mondays for those in the population at higher risk. Kaitlyn, our weekend warrior is a fantastic 8 year veteran stylist from Newport Beach CA capable of doing anything from precision men’s cuts to in demand women’s services like Balayage and Ombre.

So if you’re in the Prescott Arizona hair salon area and you’re looking for a private hair salon experience look no further. Click here to book now. If you’re from out of state and wondering what to do, call around and see if there are salons in your area that would consider taking care of you on one of their off days. Everyone in the hair industry cares about their clients health and safety. This business draws caring and nurturing people and it’s important to us that our vulnerable customers feel safe. If you need an accommodation, just ask. You’d be surprised how often you’ll get a yes.

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