20% Hotter, Right Out Of Bed!

You love how you look once you’re all done up. So does your husband or boyfriend. I mean, yes, of course we love your natural beauty but when you take the time to “go next level”, we notice… and we appreciate it! You know what no one loves though? ALL THAT DANG TIME IN THE BATHROOM!

“Honey, we’re about an hour out. How’s it goin?”
“Don’t rush me! It’s going fine!”
“Babe, we’re a half hour out now….everything on track?”
“Yes! Just a few more minutes!”
“Honey, we were supposed to be on the road 10 minutes ago. What the heck!!??. Come on!!”

Everybody hates this scene yet we all find ourselves here again and again. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were an easier way? Well as it turns out, there is.

Eyelash extensions, Microblading, Brow Sculpting, Brazilian Blowouts, Keratin Straightening and Permanent Cosmetics…. Each of these time saving, beauty enhancing treatments can up the beautiful and cut the hassle of your daily beauty regimen SIGNIFICANTLY!. Imagine getting out of bed with your lashes looking luscious, your makeup mostly done and your hair mostly smooth and ready to style. Think of the time you’d save! Time you could put into dialing in the rest of your look or just relaxing with a nice cup of your favorite beverage.

A lot has changed since the 80’s These days, for a fraction of the price of expensive (and body altering) cosmetic surgeries a woman can subtly yet significantly highlight her very best features to far greater effect than the breast jobs and nose jobs of days gone by. Your lips, your eyes, your hair. These are the features that get you noticed more than anything else. Every woman possesses a unique, natural beauty and with the help of the right technician that beauty can really shine.

All that to say you have to be careful. Going with budget options or inexperienced stylists can be a disaster. Lashes can look like big plastic flappers, brows can look more clownish than complementary and hair can go from too big to flat out fried. That’s why here at Hair By Joey, our beauty guides always start with a thorough consultation to help us determine where you’re going in life and how we can help you get there. We use top of the line products that only enhance (never overwhelm) the gifts God’s given you. We have the experience, the patience and the vision to help you get it right… the first time.

Once you see how easy it can be to get your look on track you’ll never go back. When you’re taking 10 minutes to get ready instead of an hour and a half. When everyone’s asking how you always look so put together? When your guy is falling for you all over again….when you love what you see in the mirror you’ll know you made the right decision.

Curious but not sure? A detailed, personalized, free beauty consultation with one of our specialized guides is just a click away. Book your look now by clicking here.

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